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Whatever It Takes - The Psychic Trilogy Book 3

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Whatever It Takes ~ Genre: Romance/Mystery (55,000 words): This will be the third in the series of stories called ‘The Psychic Trilogy,’ set in the same future universe as ‘To Love Again’ and ’Never Just a Dream’. In this one, as before, their psychic abilities, their friends and colleagues, and how their abilities affect their lives, will continue to drive the story. Based on characters I’ve written before, Steve Gilbert and Lisa Harris are accomplished spies, but they’re also in love. A few months ago, Steve went missing and Lisa is determined to find him. Despite the evidence, his missing body; no signs of a struggle or DNA; there’s nothing that will stop her from finding out the truth and in turn, hopefully, to find Steve alive and well. This story is told mostly in flashback form, meaning Lisa’s memories leading up to his disappearance, which may be the key to finding him. Not sure where we’ll find her after the memories fade, but you need to read to find out.

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