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Fan Fiction Round-up - 2015!

A summary: In 2015, I wrote six fan fiction stories totaling 140,000 words. I was way down from 2014 with 223,000! I’m not surprised by these numbers. My Man of Steel Muse dwindled down to a mere 10,000 words, which included finishing up my most popular fiction: Man of Steel: Stolen Moments.  The majority of the words were written for The Flash (TV-2014).

My longest fan fiction: Sweet Destiny (Barry/Iris, The Flash (TV-2014)), with a total of 34,000 words.  My Muse kicked into high gear with this fiction that initially began with a prompt from the Westallen Appreciation Week: Time Travel.

My best story: With You (Kara/James, Supergirl TV (2015)). I was totally surprised at how easily the words flowed months before the series premiered.  I did watch the a six-minute preview video and not much else. The pilot leaked during this process but I didn’t watch it.  Of course, I’d heard casting rumors, and I added those characters which ramped up the drama of Kara and James getting together.  Now adding Clark and Lois to the mix was not part of any rumors, but it was just made a lot of sense to add them to the story.

My favorite story: If I Have to Wait (Thor/Jane, Thor Movies (2011-2013)). I couldn’t remember ever writing anything so emotional before but considering Jane won’t be returning to the third movie, I’m glad I wrote this.  It was therapy for me because even though it seemed as if they were back together, it didn’t work, so yeah, I loved writing this story.

My favorite OC: With You (Kara/James, Supergirl (2015)).  A former love interest of James came into their lives causing trouble which lead to jealousy, hurt feelings, and James almost losing his life, but Kara came to the rescue.

Story most under-appreciated by fandom, in my opinion: If I Have to Wait (Thor/Jane, Thor Movies 2011-2013)).  Not much else needs to be said.  Fans don’t like Jane, but I love her.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write: If I Have to Wait (Thor/Jane, Thor Movies 2011-2013)).  I have to say that in order to be in the ‘Marvel’ fandom can be lonely at times.  Fans love the ‘men’ and women invading those strict barriers is closed off and unforgiving.  Comments were a bit brutal, but I get it, women are second class and not very important, but not in my stories.  Hopefully, Marvel will wake up and treat women and people of color with more respect.

Most fun: My Westallen stories, all of them, which totaled close to 110,000 words! My Muse didn’t let me down.  Next to Clois, they're my favorite OTP.

Sexiest story: Just for Tonight (Barry/Iris, The Flash TV (2014)). Written for the First Annual Westallen Smut Week.  I had so much fun with it, even though I added a bit of plot not just sex.

Hardest story to write: It Comes from the Heart (Barry/Iris, The Flash-TV (2014)). Written as a partial-AU story with prompts that included, among other prompts:  old friends from school, not involved at all, meeting again by accident, but also with different careers. The hardest part was getting back to their current lives, meaning a different timeline.  I changed it to a dream.  It was tricky but so much fun.

Easiest to write: Just for Tonight (Barry/Iris, The Flash TV (2014)).  Yes, the smut was pretty easy to write actually.  *snickers*

Did you take any writing risks this year? See ... Hardest story to write!

Biggest disappointment
:  I loved all my stories this past year, so the only thing disappointing was the fact I didn’t write more.  For over six years, the word count has gone up not down.  *pouts* Hopes to write more this year.

Biggest surprise:  I’m Right Beside You (Barry/Iris, The Flash TV (2014)). I so enjoyed writing this story, which included Barry and Iris reconnecting after Eddie’s death.  They also dated, Iris moved into her first apartment, their intimate relationship was a trial, they broke up, but eventually worked it out.

All stories are either on this website, FFN and/or AO3.


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Aug. 27th, 2016 08:14 pm (UTC)
Awesome list of fan fics! You rock, m'friend. I love all your stories. *bookmarks this entry* ;)
Aug. 27th, 2016 09:19 pm (UTC)
Hi Paradise:

You are sweet. I needed to do this for my own benefit so I can remember what I wrote last year. I thought the word count was a lot higher closer to 200,000 but no luck.

Awww thanks for the kind words. Right now, I'm not writing anything, not inspired or just chilling. Oh well, it happened last year around this time but I'm not worried. *crosses fingers*
Aug. 28th, 2016 03:29 am (UTC)
You still had a good amount of work there. I love your Barry/Iris stories. You treat them with such love and respect. Of course it's not hard to do with those two. They have great chemistry and the girl who plays Iris is gorgeous.

As for Marvel, yeah, I've noticed there isn't much respect for women in the Marvel universe. Nothing against Stan Lee, but I think I'd be more interested in Marvel if the female characters were stronger. Ever notice that even in X-Men, more of the women's powers seem to be more dangerous than the men? As for Black Widow, rather disappointed they haven't given her her own origin story like they've done for Thor, Ironman, Captain America etc. Ok, I'm gonna get off my soapbox now.
Aug. 28th, 2016 03:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I thought I was going along fine. I don't usually pay attention to word count when I write so to do these 'summaries' once a year is gratifying but also a little sad to think about the words.

Iris is a sweetheart, I agree. Westallen scenes are sweet and I do love them, so I'm looking forward to S3. I hope my Muse is paying attention as well!!

Yeah, the Marvel fandom is frustrating and sad. I do enjoy their movies but the fandom rubs me the wrong way because of the sexism and racism. That's true about how they write women with powers in X-Men. Are they trying to tell us something about women and how they can't be trusted or something? IDK what their plan is but I don't like it. Where's Pepper, Jane, and Betty?? Did you hear they want to bring X-Men into the Avengers in some way? *sigh* I truly hope it doesn't happen.

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