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Superman Movieverse Awards ... my stories!

Well, here we go! You may remember my latest!? *glances at icon* !!:D:D Here’s my eligible stories for the Superman Movieverse Awards supes_mv_awards 2011!


Now or Never ~ (Complete: 35,500 words) Clark/Lois/Kal-El (SR: Rated M): This multi-chapter story begins where Superman Returns left off, where Lois is still in the dark about Clark’s true identity, Lex Luthor is out there somewhere wreaking havoc with their lives, but then something unexpected happens that changes it all.

Time for Us ~ (Complete: 1,200 words) Clark/Lois/Kal-El (SR - Rated M): A Porn Battle XI entry written with the prompts DCU, Superman Returns!Clark Kent/Superman Returns!Lois Lane [any]. This one shot is a missing scene from my Superman story, Period of Adjustment, where Lois and Clark are married and Lois has delivered their daughter, Jessica, just a few months earlier.
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