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Fic: A Lot to Talk About (12/14)

Title: A Lot to Talk About (12/14)
Author: Babette ( babettew54)
Rating: T
Category: Smallville
Word Count: 2,505
Spoilers: Through "Infamous" (AU)
Beta: hanakt
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville. If I did, I’d be at the beach right now.
A/N: This next chapter, entitled "Live As One of Them," has Lois and Clark dealing with Jor-El and Clark's destiny. We don't like to think of them being separated, but it has happened on Smallville more times than we care to think about. I hope you like this one, it's also one my favorites. Thanks to Hana for helping me get through this hefty piece. *hugs* Enjoy!! Please R&R!!

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Act II: A New Life
(Chapter 11)


Chapter 12 – Live As One of Them




They jumped apart, almost knocking over some boxes that were stacked against the wall. Lois had to bite her tongue to keep from letting out a string of curses. Clark straightened his tie and smoothed his hair. Lois straightened her blouse and hair, then she opened the door.


It was Diane, the biggest gossip in the office. Lois couldn't believe her luck. “Sorry, we didn’t find what we were looking for. It’s all yours,” Lois said.


Clark just sighed and followed Lois to their desks. Their ‘plan’ wasn’t going work, not at all. Could anything else happen?




After their near miss in the supply closet, Lois and Clark made a herculean effort to try and stick to their plan. Oh, there were ‘special’ looks and smiles, but there were no further incidents that day.


Clark gave more thought to Lois’ suggestion, about finding a physician he could trust, and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He called Oliver Queen and John Jones, and made a few inquiries. It appeared Dr. Emil Hamilton of S.T.A.R. Labs, could be credited with saving the lives of both men, and was also involved with patching up a few members of the Super-Hero Team. Oliver and John had complete trust in Dr. Hamilton. Clark made the decision that he would be a good choice to be his personal physician.


But before he could make that appointment, he had to go to the Fortress and talk to Jor-El. He groaned to himself. He was not looking forward to it. If he could just keep Jor-El on track, and not let the meeting deteriorate into a scolding session, with his father telling him what to do and when to do it, then maybe he could get some answers.


He told Lois of his plans and headed to the Fortress. He had a few questions in mind that he hoped would keep the conversation on the subject at hand. He called to his Father. “Jor-El?”


“Kal-El, Lois,” Jor-El said.


Clark sighed. Here we go again. What is with him? Clark decided to ignore it.


“Father, I have a few questions about my physiology and my abilities and I was hoping you could help me. I wanted to have a physician examine me, and I need information about myself in order for him to do that.”


Jor-El was silent. Clark tried again. “Jor-El?”


“It is time, my son,” Jor-El said.


“Time for what, Father.” Clark did not like the sound of this.


“It is time for you to fulfill your destiny.”


Clark groaned. Not that speech again. This is so frustrating. “Father, I have questions that need answers. Will you please listen to me?” Then, Clark felt this unusual warmth, then a bright light came towards him, and then he felt as though he were flying through space. How is this possible? What is happening to me? Then, he heard his Father’s voice.


Come with me, my son, as we break through the bonds of your earthly confinement, traveling through time and space. Your powers will far exceed those of mortal men. It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history, rather let your leadership stir others.


This year we shall examine the human heart. It is more fragile than we know. As we pass through the flaming portal which is the edge of your own galaxy, we will enter the realm of the Red Krypton sun, the source of your strength and nourishment, and the cause of our eventual destruction. The Planet Krypton, my son, your home as it was.


By the time we return to the confines of your galaxy, one week will have passed. It is time for you to rejoin your world to serve its collective humanity. Live as one of them, Kal-El, discover where your strength and your power will lead you, but always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage.


They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.


Clark awoke lying still for a moment trying to get his bearings. He was back at the Fortress next to the console. Clark’s mind was reeling from all the information that was swirling in his brain. Oh, my head. Was that a headache? How strange. What did Jor-El say … one week had passed? Oh, no, Lois is going to kill me.




I’m going to kill him, Lois thought for the hundredth time. Lois had gone through the entire spectrum, from wanting to kill him with kryptonite, to wanting to take him in her arms and never let him go, and back to wanting to kill him again. But then there were the nights when she just cried herself to sleep, thinking she might never see him again. She was going crazy. Where are you, Clark?


After the first day, she called Oliver and told him where Clark had gone. Of course, Oliver had no idea that Lois knew Clark’s secret, but he seemed to take the news rather well. I’m glad we’re still friends, and I can ask him to help when I really need it, Lois thought. Oliver said he would gather the team and put together a search. She thanked him and asked him to please keep her updated every hour. He seemed genuinely happy for them, and not surprised at all that they were a couple.


She also called Chloe and Martha. Martha had wanted to come to Metropolis, but Lois had told her that everyone was looking for him, and she would call if she heard anything. Chloe had not heard from Clark either. Lois was frantic. She thought of calling the police, but what could she possibly say to them that wouldn’t make her sound like a crazy person. Clark Kent, you just wait until I get my hands on you. Lois then thought of her answer, and she knew what she would do. I may never get to hold him again. Then, the doubts came back, and she broke down again.


Clark arrived at Lois’ front door, and he could hear her crying. His heart broke to think he was the cause of it. He hoped she would let him inside, and let him explain. He knocked softly at first, then a little harder. “Lois, I’m back. I’m home. Please open the door.”


Lois froze. Am I dreaming? Is that Clark’s voice? Lois walked toward the door, not believing her ears. She stood there for a moment staring at the door. Her hands were shaking, but she managed to open it, and there he was standing there. Then she was in his arms, kissing him, running her hands in his hair, over his shoulders, holding his cheeks. She couldn’t stop. They were both crying, not believing they were in each other’s arms again. Lois spoke first. She was barely able to speak for the sobs. “Oh, Clark, I thought you were dead or hurt, but you’re back, you’re back.”


“Yes, Lois, I’m back. Please don’t cry. Everything will be fine now.” I’ve never seen her like this, and it’s all my fault. I have to make it up to her somehow.


Lois pulled back to look at him. She ran her hands over his shoulders, down his arms. “You seem fine. Did you come in contact with kryptonite? Were you unconscious? What happened to you, and why didn’t you call me?”


“I’ll answer all your questions in a minute. Just let me hold you for a moment more, ok?” He picked her up then, holding her close to his chest, and took her to the bedroom. They lay down on the bed. Lois put her head on his chest listening to his heart beating. Finally, believing the truth, that he was really here, she closed her eyes. Clark pulled her close, and stroked her hair. “Lois, I want to apologize for putting you through all the pain you must have felt at my disappearance. I would never willingly leave you, not if I had a choice. You do believe me, don’t you?”


“Yes, Clark, I believe you, but I was so worried about you. What happened?”


Then Clark told her everything. He told her what happened at the Fortress, what Jor-El did to him, and how his future, their future would be forever changed.




After listening to Clark’s story about what happened at the Fortress, Lois couldn’t help but wonder if he had made any decisions about what to do with all that knowledge.


“Lois, I’ve been thinking about what to do with everything Jor-El told me, and what this could mean for us. Jor-El had his reasons for doing what he did to me, and I now know what those reasons are.”


Lois shook her head. Can he read my mind? I was thinking that exact same thing. He’s amazing. She smiled at him.


“What’s that smile about?”


“Oh, it’s nothing. Go on, tell me what you were thinking."


“I made a lot of wrong assumptions about my Kryptonian father. Everything he’s ever done has led me to this point in my life. He doesn’t want me to conquer earth, like I once believed. He wants me to protect it, and all of its inhabitants.”


“Wow! That sounds like a full-time job.” Where do I fit in? Lois asked herself.


He sat up then, pulled her up next to him, and turned Lois to face him. He touched her cheek. “Lois, I won’t sit here and tell you that it won’t be a challenge for both of us, because it will. Remember though, I am Clark, and that will never change. I can’t do what I do all the time, 24-7. It wouldn’t be fair to you, and to what we’re trying to build. I have my priorities straight, honey. I love you and you’re a part of me. Don’t ever forget that.”


“I love you too, Clark, so very much.” It was like he could sense what I was feeling.


He pulled her to him and kissed her, trying to convey how much she meant to him, and that he wanted her in his life forever. They looked into each other’s eyes, both realizing that they both needed this reassurance and closeness more than ever.


“Clark, make love to me.” She needed him so much right now.


“You don’t have to ask.” He touched her cheek, then her nose, her chin, and finally her throat. Lois was everything to him. He didn't know why it took him so long to realize it. So much time lost. There was no point in dwelling on the past. The future was now, and he wasn’t going to waste anymore time.


Lois arched her back wanting him to touch her and kiss her everywhere. He was always so considerate of her and her feelings. She thought her heart would burst with the pure joy she was feeling being in his arms again. When she thought of the past week, and how much pain she had gone through, she didn’t think she could go on without him. If anything ever happened to him, she didn’t want to even think about it.


Clark wanted to go slow, but he knew that Lois was hurting inside, after he left her without a word. The pain she must have felt, he didn’t want to think about it. We can put it all behind us, because the only thing important now is being together like this.


Lois couldn’t get close enough to him. She stroked his back, his arms, down to his strong buttocks and powerful thighs. He was so warm and beautiful, yes, beautiful. He had the body of an Adonis, yet he didn’t even know the effect he had on women. Then, she couldn’t think of anything else. Lois was moaning deep in her throat. “Clark, please.”


Clark pulled her tight against him, and suddenly they were kissing desperately, both wishing they could stop time and keep this quiet, private moment together. “You know that distance can’t really part us, Lois … my heart.” His lips covered her mouth hungrily and her blouse fell open as his fingers moved lightly over her bra, removing it. He touched her breasts and nipples, moving down her belly, and into the little hollow where her thighs met hidden places. She groaned as he found that she was moist and ready for him. “You don’t have to do anything tonight. Just let me hold you … touch you … discover some of the things that please you.”


Lois closed her eyes as she felt Clark remove all of her clothes. “Clark, will it always be like this between us?” Lois asked softly. “Oh, yes, don’t ever doubt it,” Clark said. “Here, let me pleasure you.” He continued to murmur to her, while he kissed and caressed his way down her body. And then his mouth found her. The sight of his dark head between her thighs was a jolt to her senses. The room blurred around them. All she could do was surrender to his demanding mouth, until finally it became too much to bear, and she felt her hips rise of their own accord, as heat moved through her limbs. Her thighs were limp, as he pushed them wide apart, as he entered her, coming home at last. When Clark touched her, when he was within her, when his arms were around her, there was no world outside. There was only them and the sweet moments only they shared.  Content, Lois curled up in the curve of his arm, resting her knee over his muscled thigh.


Clark’s fingers stroked and smoothed her hair. It was moments like this that endured him, strengthened him, and enabled him to face the world again, with all its pain and suffering. It was with great effort that he tried to put it from his mind everyday.


“Clark, are you awake?”


“Um, umm.”


Lois was thinking about the pain of their separation, it was still so fresh in her mind. “Clark, I’ve never been so afraid.”


“I know. Lois, please put it out of your mind, alright. Everything will be fine. Try and get some sleep.” He pulled her closer to his chest, holding her tight.


Lois closed her eyes, hoping her dreams would be peaceful once again.




A/N: I took a few of liberties with Jor-El’s speech. A week seemed to work for this AU story. I wanted Clark away for a while. So, you’ve waited long enough, dear readers. Next chapter: Superman! Thanks for reading.

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